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First Telemovie!

So my first supporting role in a local telemovie just aired in April 2016 last year, and my my was it exciting to see the final product!

It was my first experience working on a movie set and it was definitely challenging for me, more so because..

I had a prolong fever for 10 days, which i blatantly ignored (yeah smart move right?)

and i finally decided to see the doctor who referred me to the hospital of course.

After doing all the tests, they concluded that i had to stay in, and that was 3 days before we started shooting!

You have no idea how anxious i was to get out of the hospital, every minute i was praying that the familiar "fever" feeling wouldn't come back. I mean, how could i miss this filming opportunity after all the practices and meetups.

Thankfully, I got out in time, and did this wonderful film!

I know, i was equally amused. When i first tried on the 'silicon' belly, i looked like a damn turtle. And the prints didn't help. thankfully they reduced me to a smaller belly after.

Fooling around with our 'bellies'!

Cast rehearsal on my birthday! They surprised me with a cake and i was very touched. Never been caught off guard before!

Screen outtakes when i get 'pissed'

Short snippet of the scene where i find out about Kaili.

You can watch the full movie here: I play the role of Dana, who's protective of her friends and who finds out Kai Li (main) was faking her pregnancy.

The team was a joy to work with especially the main cast and not forgetting Li Lin for being such an awesome director!

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