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Bridal Collaboration Shoot

Wow this post is long overdue! I got to collaborate with Esta Hsu and Flairfolio Photography on a bridal shoot. Gown: Bqueens Wedding

Florist: Wedding en Vogue

Getting hair and makeup ready with the company of her adorable pup! I don't have a dog (i have a cat) but i love both of them the same. I know some people are either or. Perhaps i would never know how its really like to be a dog owner, but animals are simply the loveliest creatures on earth.

Makeup takes a long time! But the final look was so worth it. Esta was super nice and friendly, gentle with her work, which is very important to me, some make up artists just aren't as pleasant to your face, giving you extra wrinkles at the end of the day. Okay thats perhaps an exaggeration but you really dont want someone to be pulling at your eye.

Here's the final look! She gave me a very glowy and fresh look, not too heavy on the eyes, focusing more on achieving a natural looking glowy finish. I've had so many compliments with this makeup! Even my boyfriend(i mean fiance) prefers this makeup over my prewedding makeup haha.

And the hair? I was blown away by the amount of details she created. I'm usually quite picky about hair because it either makes or breaks the look. She did everything using my hair alone (cus i have tons of it)

Closer look on the hair details!

Weather was not on our side that day, you can't tell but it was already drizzling while we were shooting.

Here are some of the final shots!

Afterwhich, we moved to Victoria's Concert Hall for some more shots.

I absolutely love this royal purple low-back gown from Bqueens Wedding!

A combination of unique color and design that is rarely seen.

Thank you all for this wonderful shoot again.

I would highly recommend these vendors for your wedding.

Makeup: Esta Hsu

Photography: Flairfolio Photography Gown: Bqueens Wedding

Florist: Wedding en Vogue

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