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Exploring Melbourne - Great Ocean Road

We squeezed in a very short Great Ocean Road exploration during our time in Melbourne! I wished we had more time!

Most people take around 3-4 days to explore the coast but we did it in ONE day. I know, not the best decision, but we didn't have enough days left.

Our journey to and fro took about 12 driving hours in total, thank god we took turns behind the wheel or we would not have made it home. We were supposed to set off at 10am, only to find out that the car company we booked our vehicle from the night before, had sorta overbooked or under supplied the number of cars for the day. So we had to wait for another hour for the cars to arrive, keeping in mind that we had to reach the 12 Apostles in time at Sunset (which we did!)

We ended up with this hideous (but trusty) lime green car because it was the fastest available option haha.

And off we went!

The drive through is very scenic, we would have loved to stop over a little bit longer but time was ticking!

First stop: Split Point Lighthouse

We popped by a small park (this was around Kennett River i think) for a toilet break but ended up feeding more birds and watching some koalas sleeping in action!

3rd Stop: Lorne Pier Seafood restaurant and Bar

Highly recommend this place! Awesome location and view with great food. Service was superb as well. Best seats outdoor. We would have loved to stay a night in Lorne if not for the time contraint.

After Lorne, we just sped down with a stopover at Gibson Steps, with few stopovers along the way to appreciate nature's beauty.

Chew (my boyfriend) was snoring soundly by then.

When we reached, it felt like a sense of achievement, an 8 hour drive to get there, plus it was just in time for the beautiful sunset!

Pictures don't do justice, so i'll let the video below do the talking :)

There's also a nice long walkthrough that i thoroughly enjoyed.

And here's a 2 min video summary of our entire Great Ocean Road Journey in 1 day!

Again, i would not recommend it, it was really tiring, and driving home in the dark was equally taxing.

These websites offer great information: 1.


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