• Esther Leong

Getting Engaged!

Did i see it coming?

Well.. you can say yes and no..

I think agreeing to be with someone for the rest of your life is a big scary decision..

I've always been the independent type, so having to share the bed with someone else is.. hmmm.. :p

This is one of my favourite pictures because that's the moment where he goes "Esther.. i have an important question for you.."

So it started when I decided to organize a trip for my mom's birthday and it was a good time to catch the cherry blossoms in March in Japan, and perhaps some leftover snow.

The night before our meetup with some friends in Shinjuku Gyoen Park, he kept asking me about my favourite location in the park and told me to dress my best. so suspicious right? =p

And here's the proposal footage below:

The date 1.7.2017 is sealed!

Thank you Todd Fong Photography for the pictures!

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