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Our Pre-wedding photoshoot

There's this hilarious online video by College Humor depicting how getting engaged is actually signing yourself up for 12 - 18 months of logistical hell? Well, it's true. They didn't even include the bride's wedding dress selection part. I went to about 20 bridal shops in Singapore, yes 20. Call me crazy, but trust me, it was difficult finding the right dress for the locations we were shooting at in Melbourne.

I decided to engage Monopictura, a husband and wife photographer team from Jakarta. You can say it was fate that led me to them, since i chanced upon them on Instagram! We were due to shoot in Melbourne in October last year, which is supposedly Spring time. I took alot of references from their past photoshoots and concluded that Spring looked nice and WARM.

Boy I was completely wrong.

If i could sum up our photoshoot in 3 words, it would be Torturous, unbearable and uncomfortable.

Okay i made it sound so bad partially due to my low tolerance for the cold, number 1, and because our expectations for spring time turned out to be totally opposite.

Despite that... the photos turned out amazing and there are many couples who shoot in 0 degrees anyway, so anything for

great photos right? :p

We booked this nice and clean apartment called Bayview and its super convenient just right opposite the southern cross station for buses to the airport, plus this view! It got really windy the day we arrived so the wind noise was apparent. Thankfully, it didn't happen at night.

I visited Elly Liana for my makeup trial after and was totally blown away by how flawless she made me look. Yes it is a little thick but supposedly necessary for the photoshoot.

Already starting to discover how cold it was.

So we had 2 full days of photoshoot, and we set-off at 6am in the morning which meant i had to wake up at 4am.

Because of the time difference, i could only sleep at 2am (10pm SG time) and had to survive on 2 hours sleep for a 14 hour day!

Looking back, i don't know how i managed to survive it but i'm guessing the cold kept me awake.

Some behind the scenes:

Please don't let the pictures deceive you like i was. It may look bright and sunny, even in the yellow canola fields but it was freezing cold in my cropped outfit with winds blowing at 60km/hr at around 10 degrees. 10 may seem alright, but when you're wearing what i'm wearing? NO. I look frozen in my gold dress because the temperature was below 10 over there since we went to higher grounds to shoot. I mean, i was frozen in EVERY location but i think my willpower to get good pictures just kept me going haha. We had rain on the 2nd day of our shoot :( but had to make do indoors with my main white dress.

My favourite location hands down is the canola fields where we drove an hour out of the city to get to. I had seen it in other couple's photos and it was a dream to be there finally! If only it didnt have to be that cold!

Here's a preview of the final edited shots!

Bridal Shops that I rented from:

1. Rico O mona

2. Odelia Bridal - I highly recommend! Jovin is great.

3. The Gown Warehouse

4. Oui

5. Prom Girl (bought online)

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