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The Outcall Spa Manicure & Pedicure Experience Review

Hello everyone! These couple of months leading up to the new year has been an exceptionally huge whirlwind for me, doing extensive research and preparations for our new place, some unfortunate work troubles which i shall not elaborate, and finally moving into our new place!! This is actually my first time moving, and boy was it tiresome! I had to get rid of at least 10 bags of items/clothes, yes that's the amount of things i have and still, eventually moved 15 boxes over. It was weeks and weeks of unpacking, and i really needed a good break. Well, no holiday yet, but I was definitely pampered over the weekend!

And here's why....

Yes you saw it right, a spa pedicure & manicure with TheOutcallSpa in the comfort of my own home!

Joey was my manicurist for the day and she was a lovely and sweet lady, who's also very detailed in her work, so you can expect a top-notch pedicure and manicure experience.

The best thing about this home spa service is that you can really relax, watch tv, read a book or spend time with your pet (in my case) and get your nails done in the comfort of your own home without having to head out! Plus, you don't have to wait in line during peak periods like chinese new year.

I really love how they brought this portable pedicure tub which functions like a mini warm jacuzzi!

Here's a cute pic of my bengal kitten Roxy, getting involved in everything we do. haha. I'll write about her in a separate post i promise!

The full spa experience includes a classic pedicure, massage and even a leg mask. :)

Working on my manicure!

The finished looks! I would have opted for a more decorative look for my hands but i had an oncoming shoot the following week.

The french tip manicure is very well-done in my opinion!

For feet, I chose a foiled nail art look which looks more christmas-sy than Chinese new year , but i wanted to try a different style for once and it worked out really well!

On the overall, I was really impressed by how The Outcall Spa managed to bring the full set of manicure/pedicure tools to my doorstep and provide similar service as to what you would expect at a nail salon, but nothing beats having it in the comfort of your own home and this added convenience, making it an excellent experience!

The Outcall Spa operates on:

Mon - Thurs : 1pm - 11pm

Fri - Sun: 11am - 11pm

If you've always wanted to experience a full manicure/pedicure without heading out of your home, you can enjoy 15% off with my promo code "estherr" for any massage or mani/pedi services or on the purchase of a gift card on

Don't forget to check out their Valentines Day spa massage package promo too!



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