Getting Married - All About that Wedding Day

June 27, 2018




 I can't believe i took 1 year to complete this post haha. There's always a million things to do. It definitely feels surreal to be married and my experience on that once in a lifetime day was oddly.. simultaneously happy and sad.


 Where should I start? haha. 


I think I planned 70-80% of the wedding and research, but then again, dresses, decors, location, flowers are a girl's thing. 
To be fair, he planned the finishing touches such as table seating, guest list, timing.. 

I think it's always good to give yourself at least half a year to a year to plan in advance, anything less than 6 months of planning may potentially turn you into bridezilla haha and you may not enjoy the process as much, in my opinion. 

Searching for vendors takes time, so does hunting for the location, and don't even mention the Perfect Wedding Dress... 


The Hotel Fort Canning Grand Marquee was my top choice, without a doubt. I had fallen in love with the place when i saw it for the first time a year ago when he had brought me there for a birthday staycation. I never fancied ballrooms so it was the perfect place for me. There is an additional 5k rental on top of the table prices so it is a little on the pricier side.. Oh yes, try to attend their wedding showcase if you wish to book a place there, there's some decent discounts when you sign up then! 


Happy me, this was the day we booked our special date!
I had initially wanted to hold the Solemnization ceremony at a different location but had no luck in finding the right outdoor space.
My first choice was the Botanic Gardens House but it was due for renovation during my dates, complete bummer. 
We also went to Goodwood Hotel, Shangrila Sentosa, Hort Park and Garden Asia. 


Wedding Dress:
This admittedly was the toughest section. I visited at least 10-15 bridal shops. I decided I wanted to surprise the groom with the final look so i went alone most of the time. I felt like a professional dress hunter haha. 

When I finally visited Jessica Cindy and saw THAT dress, i knew that was it. It was that Dress at first sight. 
I made some alterations to the dress. This is how it looked like originally. 

 Final Look: 

My second dress was from Odelia Bridal. Jovin made this Maroon Red Gown for me from scratch from picture inspirations i got online. And you know, she got all the measurements right on the first fitting! That's what you call an experienced dress maker.  

Since my white dress was already a mermaid style, i wanted a ball gown. I mean, how many times do you ever get to wear one?? 

And the best part? This ball gown actually has pockets! Keeping my phone next to me was super convenient on the wedding night. 


1. Flowers & Decor: Insidetheknot 

The final decor can make or break a wedding, or a girl's heart. I'm so glad i entrusted Rubina from Insidetheknot to be my floral planner for my big day. Here's my bouquet! 


Yes i was a very happy girl!

Can we take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous veil picture taken by WeareTrouve :D
It remains one of my favourite pictures in my life so far!

Solemnization Decor:

The weather was absolutely perfect that day. I was so worried because the weather forecast predicted rain and all the money would have gone to waste if we didn't get to use the lawn. My prayers were answered!
I was sweating bullocks in my dress, luckily my stick on bra didn't fall off haha. 


I had so much fun with my bridesmaids in the morning.. just look at all that faces! 


So.. remember i mentioned about being sad at the beginning? I think this picture alone can explain it all. This was the ONLY picture i had with my mom that day. Yeap, you read it right. You must be thinking, why isn't she smiling, why isn't she happy for me? Well, i thought the same. On the one important day of my life, she couldn't bear a smile. Obviously something happened, and it still saddens me till this day. Moving on...........


Grand Marquee Decor:

Photobooth: Cheese Effects
Great looking photos and they have a lovely boomerang video feature with cute background music! Wished i had more time there :( 


Makeup Artist: Inalie Makeup

She is SUPERB. She's based in Bali Indonesia, but she does travel for clients. 

Hair: Esta Hsu Makeup
Esta is great at both! I've worked with her before on a bridal shoot. 



Emcee: Herbert Liu 
Videographer: Aaronwende Films

Really nice guys, highly recommend them both!


Photographer: WeareTrouve 

The mastermind behind all the photos here. Kai was a pleasure to work with and her gorgeous photos say it all!  


To end off the post, here's a video of our full wedding day coverage by Aaron, enjoy! 


Esther xx


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