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Flower Arrangement Workshop with Abetterflorist

Flowers are one of nature's best creations! They are used everywhere, at important events and celebrations, to liven up an atmosphere or simply to make someone's day.

If you equally enjoy receiving flowers, why not learn how to create a bouquet of your own? I had the privilege of attending a flower arrangement workshop at AbetterFlorist to better understand how to put together a floral bouquet from scratch. :)

They host exclusive workshops all over Singapore, to teach you how to arrange your own beautiful bouquet. The one i attended was held at A better florist HQ at 11 Keng Cheow Street, which is near Clarke Quay area.

Our florist instructor of the day was Elijah!

Elijah introducing the flowers we were working with for the day.

First,we had to remove the thorns off those roses. They were really pricky! And we had to be careful with them as i did poke myself a few times. Never knew these lovely roses had such lethal thorns!

Slowly but surely, more pretty varieties were introduced! I really loved how the plain green leaves and baby's breath complemented the roses.

Look at how huge the bouquet was initially! Or maybe it's because i have a small body haha.

Of course, not every rose was perfect, so we had to remove the petals that were not "healthy" . With that, you can have the perfect looking rose!

The next step was to make the Carnations bloom! In order to do that, one has to 'massage' it gently. haha. I don't have a before image of the carnations, but it was closed up initially.

Look at that pretty little thing! It somehow reminds me of one of those paper flowers, except that this is real!