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Loreal Everfresh Sulfate Free Product Review

I got to work with Loreal Singapore recently on their new Everfresh Sulfate Free Product Range and I must say that I'm impressed by the products!

You won't believe the number of locations present in this 1 min video entirely filmed and edited by yours truly.

I happened to be in Bintan at that time and it was perfect timing to capture the storyline that I had depicted.

My dedicated cameraman was none other than.. my ex-boyfriend turned husband. :p who has absolutely no experience in video taking so you can just imagine the number of outtakes we had. haha. Luckily, he has me, the experienced "videographer" so i knew exactly what i wanted and all he had to do was follow instructions, yay!

Still, it's not easy filming any video, especially when you're dealing with fluids (which refuses to cooperate!) so I had to wash and condition my hair several times in order to get the perfect shot. So yeah, super squeaky clean after that.

Loads and loads of bloopers but it'll be too many to upload. Enough talking, let's get down to the final video below!

So, how many locations did you spot? :p

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