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New Hair Color with Cloud 9 Salon

I can't believe April is here !

With a new month... comes a new hair color!

I'm really relieved to finally get my hair color done by Cloud 9 Salon after a bad case of wrong touch up shades done at another place. As a result I have 3 shades on my head.

Top black re-grown, middle reddish brown and golden brown at the bottom.

It sounds and looks like a complete disaster.

Here is a brighter picture of my tri-colored hair.

Growing up in the west, I always find it hard to find a good hair salon in this area so I was really glad to have discovered Cloud 9!

A premium hair salon location at Jurong West St 91, west siders can expect quality cuts and hair colors/treatments.

Here we are at the private room waiting to start after selecting our hair color!

The stylists are experienced and they knew exactly what to do to cancel out the redness in my hair.

I always loved a golden brown color, not red!!

I'm so glad they rectified it completely for me.

In the process..

The final look!!

Whoopee I was super happy with my new hair color.