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Session with Banana Tennis

From the expression on my face, you will know that I am not a Tennis Player. Haha.

I had been wanting to try tennis out for the longest time. That's why i was really excited for my first coaching session with Banana Tennis!

We started at 8am at the Kallang Tennis Centre which you should know by now is far for me as I live in Jurong. Fret not though! Banana Tennis offers lessons all over Singapore. Use your private tennis court if you stay in a condo or choose a public tennis court near you. View the available tennis courts here:

Our head coach for the day, Joel was very friendly and informative with the step by step basic rules and fundamental tennis techniques.

It was difficult for me to grasp at first as I was a seasonal badminton player and the movements and handling was completely different. Soon, it was time for us to start our hands on practise!

Looking happy because i could hit the ball! We later moved on to serving, thats where the real challenge started.

There's like a semi nervous look on my face because 1st, it'd be embarrassing if i couldn't hit the ball, and 2nd, my swinging posture was just all wrong, i reverted to badminton style a few times. No surprise on my aching wrist for the next few days.

All in all, i had a really great 1st tryout with Banana Tennis! Coaches like Joel are extremely friendly and approachable, so i'd highly recommend them if you're looking to take up tennis classes!

My new place has a tennis court so... we'll see! :)

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